Blackwood, New Jersey

I have lived in this subdivision very happily for over 4 years. I am very pleased with the construction of my home.

However, I feel that new prospective buyers should know that a sand pit is being built just 10 feet from the fences of existing homes. Construction began two weeks ago and the dust and noise is horrible. You cannot sit on your patio. State and County can't prevent the constuction and opertion of the sand pit.

LGI and the HOA don't want to support the existing homeowners in asking for dust and noise reduction.

I have a $130K mortgage and a sand pit for a neighbor. Aren't I lucky?

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The sandpit backs up to Waterlilly View Lane. The front of the sandpit faces Koeblen Road. I agree with the below complaint - the dust and noise are terrible - not to mention the mounds of dirt that are now taller than our fences.


Where is this Sand Pit you are talking about?