Houston, Texas

First, this is NOT my first complaint. The first time, LGI homes were building all around us and the guys would stare at me like I pissed them off by living and stared at my wife with respect.

Came home one day and a couple of them had moved our basketball goal to the middle of out driveway. This time, my 2 young kids, my 2 dogs, and my wife and I were woken up by these rude, inconsiderate, *** started banging away with there hammers next door at 6:45 ON A SATURDAY MORNING!!!

Sorry ***!! sorry sorry sorry *** mo fos!

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It sounds like this person doesn't like to be around people and he should build his house out in the woods where no one can see him his wife or make noise. Cuz if you live in the city or in a community there is going to be noise. Like it or not


The way they explained it to us, they build a street a time to prevent disrupting streets that are finished. They just built the street behind ours.

The only noise that we noticed was when they poured the concrete foundations starting at around 5-6 AM. It wasn't loud, more of a droning sound, just unexpected.

The hammering and such didn't bother us, they need to finish their jobs.

For your basketball goal, the HOA covenant forbids basketball goals from being anywhere near the street and authorizes the HOA to actually remove it (section 3.32). It's supposed to be either in the back yard or up by your garage, they were doing a favor by just moving it out of the way.


Where are you located?

Not to be rude but what did you expect the noise would be like when moving into a newly built neigborhood?

They are building the houses super fast, so the workers are building every day of the week.

The bright side to the noise issue is that due to the speed, they will be gone within the next week. Good luck and I hope that you enjoy your new home.