Houston, Texas

My husband and I went to the richmond location they just took our $500 earnest money and never called back.

So when I decided to go they tell me the guy that helped me Michael moved to another location and that they could not give me my money back!!!!

At least it was just $500 and not more Im glad We Did not buy a house there that would have been worse.

They have a lot of bad reviews of people who actually by a home and have a looot of problems with it:/There full of BS DONT GO THERE THEY ARE A BUNCH OF LIARS!!!!!!!!! Karma's a *** it will all come back to all those Mother ***!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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File a complaint with the BBC and then they will give you your money back.


sorry, I meant BBB


Yes the same thing happened to me in 2011. I was told by John in the San Antonio office that they couldn't start the buying process without the earnest money.

I mean this guy John Garza folloed me to the bank and waited outside while I bought the money order. He and others in his office promised repeatedly that the earnest money would be returned if my credit didn't pass. I did not meet the mortgage requirements and they flat out refused to return the earnest money. One would think that these hyenas make their living off innocent people's earnest monies.

How long are we going to allow these vicious pack of dogs that call themselves salepersons to victimize the public.

What LGI does to our citizenry is unconscionable. Rene Carvajal


Does your state have the MCC program? Are you looking at LGI?

If you're entitled to , and qualify for, the MCC Program, you shouldn't be denied the right to use the MCC....period. Before you sign on the dotted line ask the LENDER, not the sales person, if they will do the paperwork.

If they refuse, walk away very briskly. If you have no clue what the MCC program is just google it up.


Yep!! You are sooo right!!

They did the same to me..after 6 months of not hearing from them I called to follow up!! They had no record of me!! Good thing I saved all my paperwork and receipts.

..they still have not done anything for me!!!that was over a year ago!! We should start a class action lawsuit!!!!