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To start off, I did not have to pay the $500 before viewing the home. We made a commitment that we specifically wanted a particular floor plan such as the Blanco, Maple, Sabine, etc., and then paid the $500. The people on here cannot spell and do not know how to type complete sentences that actually make sense, so logically I would skip all of those reviews because they are probably written by illiterate people who did not do their research on how buying a home works. Those who complain about paying $500 are obviously those who know NOTHING about buying a home, in other cases with other home builders such as David Weekley, Perry Homes, Lennar, etc., you would actually have to pay a lot more. They run your credit and look at your income, as well as your debt before viewing homes because it would not make sense to look at a home you financially could not even afford! Your credit score is a huge factor on whether you would be eligible to qualify for the home loan just like any other loan they offer on this earth. Other than your credit score, they also look at your debt to income ratio, which is another huge determining factor.

Unless you are able to put a down payment, do not expect your monthly payments on a home to be what they advertise in the flyers. You would need to calculate in the PMI, home insurance, property taxes, etc., just like any other home in America. And just so you know, your credit score determines whether or not you qualify for 0 down on a home loan. If the entire world was able to get 0 down, everyone would obviously own a house, so lets use our brain.

It's annoying when people talk down on a home builder when they do not know the first thing about buying a house or qualifying for a home loan. Do your homework before leaving bad reviews about any company in America because that is how people lose business, and it's pathetic when they lose business because of people who cannot even spell.

Buying a house is a big commitment, therefore, you should do research before going into the office completely clueless of what you are getting into. This should be common sense. For those complaining about construction and the noise in the neighborhood is just outright ridiculous. Obviously there will be noise because of construction. If you did not want to live in a brand new house, you should have gone elsewhere and bought a used home where they rarely do construction. The other noise in the neighborhood has NOTHING to do with LGI Homes. They cannot control who plays loud music and who walks in the streets. If you have a problem with your neighbor playing loud music, then CONFRONT YOUR NEIGHBOR. What in the world does LGI Homes have anything to do with your neighbors playing loud music?! People complaining about their neighbors parking in the street is also a ridiculous complaint. If you have a problem with where your neighbor parks, then CONFRONT YOUR NEIGHBOR. There is no law in Texas that says you are only allowed to park your cars in your garage.

People on here have also complained about their foundation, and obviously have not even looked at their home owner's manual. If you have a foundation problem, they have given each home buyer a 10 year warranty, so they are obligated to fix your issue. As far as bugs go, you have to go find your own pest control company. You live in Houston for crying out loud, so you will have roaches flying all around the place especially outside. As far as the inside of your house goes, you would need a pest control company to take care of that, and my sales rep even told me that right when we started looking at the houses.

Nowhere in my review claims that LGI Homes is the best quality home in the entire world, but they do a decent job for any first home owners who have done their research.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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*** trying to persuade people to buy a *** house. Do you own one of their houses?

If so list the amount of money you have put into this thrown together should’ve been listed as 20k home! I


You obviously work for LGI homes.


Employee for sure.


This long *** post is without a doubt from someone that works for LGI. We live in the land of freedom & speech and if these people had an awful experience with LGI HOMES, they have the right and the freedom of speech to voices their experience and warn others.

You're rude and disrespectful to others that have been lied too, I personally would be highly skeptical if I had to have m credit checked first before seeing a model home. By the way I've bought 3 homes for the record all brand new construction and NEVER was told that I had to provide my personal info in order to view a model home. That would be a RED flag and a sign to run as quick as I can.



That is exactly what I think.


If I have pre-approval from my own bank for an account greater than the price of the home I am interested in then these idiots have no reason to be running my credit.


You seem more like an agent of this company LGI than just a customer...your review is too long and way too much info to be just a concerned home buyer! What's good business is to allow individuals to leave reviews unbiased or sensored.

This way consumers can best judge rather or not they use one company over another. Reviews don't kill business bad business will hands down.


The whole point is that LGI sell junk homes. But thanks for the lesson on buying a ***.

Oh I'm sorry I mean a house. lOL!


Since you want to be a *** the whole point of MY POST is to inform future LGI consumers to not be discouraged by people on here like YOU when buying a house since most are first time buyers. If you are able to afford a $400,000+ home or a home of better quality, then good for you.

LGI homes aren't junk homes, they are actually pretty decent compared to many other houses that cost a lot more. And just for your information, I informed people about the process of buying a home because it seems to me like the *** that posted on here complain about paying x amount of money when that's part of EVERY process of buying a home.

It's also very obvious you did not read to be informed, but to be a sarcastic ***. So go *** yourself.


Thats wat im talking bout


This rude ***** Kimmmberley is clowning people about spelling. Kimmmberley.



Why are you defending a company on a "pissed" website. That seems legit


Kim get a life!!!