San Antonio, Texas

Hi when i was looking for a home lgi couldnt do enough for me.And they really did work hard to get me in my house.Now im stuck with a yard that floods everytime it rains;its like a river running through my yard.They talked me into putting in a french drain that runs through my whole back yard.I was so sick of the flooding i agreed to have drain it did nothing my yard flooded the last heavy rain on 10/20/09 water was pouring through my yard it was so high it was coming in my back door.I have no recourse now because my 90day grace period is up.There craftsman are terrible they cant even install there fences properly mine fallen 3xs now.Go elsewhere if your looking for a home .I;m stuck here now till market changes my house isnt even worth what i paid for it anymore.gary A

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Is this lucky ranch? From what I have heard that is a flood zone bad


no you are not obligated to purchase. In fact I found out that they lied on my moms Good Faith Estimate about her "estimated taxes." Rate at estiimate was 1.25 when they know it is 2.5 rate they even said it earlier in contract.

She was a person that fell for one of those "per month" things but like I said I got her out of it because they lied. I would look for similar course of action.


Based on your heading I feel the same way! I was told that i had to lock in on the house or the interest rate would go up but even after hearing that I am not so sure.

I feel anything that you are selling you should be willing to stand behind no matter how long it takes the consumer to make their mind up! Once given the earnest money, are you then obligated to purchase?


same thing I'm wondering. What the heck is the money for???

and are they going to lie about getting it back???

something doesn't feel right