Today is August 2nd, 2014.There is no doubt that some of the remarks here are competitors trying to make this company look bad BUT there are many reviews with photos and generally all people have the same complaint.

I am a single mom with two kids, a first time home buyer and not a lot of money. I did notice that they DO seem to prey on people like me. Well ya know, I am almost 50 and the reason I have yet to buy a house is because of companies like this. I almost bought a house right before the mortgage crisis, thank goodness I did not.

I guess I can be a renter for a little while longer. No big deal.

I just wanted to thank the people who posted photos and reviews.I wanted you to know that people like me are listening - even if not everyone like me posts here!


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I too am a single mom with two kids.I had my appointment with a sales rep in Texas on Friday.

After spending two and a half hours in a "pre-approval" meeting, he showed me the house that I could qualify for. It was nice, but I was still unsure of purchasing it because 1) its my 1st home, 2) I wanted to be sure that this would be the right purchase/home for my kids and I, and 3) I wanted to make sure I've exhausted all of my options. After I told him I was going to contact him later on that afternoon, his response was "what do you have to think about?". I was shocked because I'm like what do you mean what do I have to think about?

I'm not buying furniture, I'm buying a house. That's a major decision even for a married couple, so I'm sure you can guess how important it is for a single mother. Moving forward, he insisted on me picking out "my lot", then after I decided which one I liked (did not say wanted to purchase), he called up his supervisor and said "hey so and so, Ms. so and so wants to take lot number x off of the market", then he looks over at me and says "will you be paying with a check or money order?" I'm like no, wait.

I'm not ready. Then he says that the houses and lots go really fast, and that I should go ahead and give him the money today, because there's no guarantee that the lot I chose will still be available. His sales pitch was great, but I did feel rushed.

After contemplating all weekend, I finally decided to look up reviews on the company.After reading all of the negative comments, I think I will continue to look and weigh my options.


You should have kept your legs crossed and then you wouldn't be so poor.

to Are you still easy #851803

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to Are you still easy #863837

What a horrible thing to say to someone.All you know about her is that she is a single mom of 2 kids.

I hope you've been neutered so that you don't reproduce.

What a terrible role model any child who came from you would have.

to Are you still easy Winter Haven, Florida, United States #900477

You should be ashamed of yourself.Your probably a bitter scummy sales person for this company.

Are you still so *** that you can't get a real job? Your mom must have dropped you as a baby and now your brain damaged. That to me is the only explanation for saying such an ignorant, petty, hateful remark about someone. Go lie on a railroad track.

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