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After reading several comments on here and other review sites about LGI, I felt that I might shed some light on this subject.

When I went to talk to a sales rep. I was open minded.

After filling out a paper allowing them to see my credit report and scores, they asked me what I was wanting in a home, I told them the usual, large kitchen, nice bath, large closet space and stuff.

When they seen my score they were pleased to say that I could close on a home within a few months. My credit isn't bad but not strong either, but strong enough to get me over the magic # of 640.

We went to look at a just completed built 3 bedroom 2 bath home. I must say the home was very nice.

The master bath was nice with a large walk in closet and Garden tube. The shower stall was a little disappointing seeing it had a shower stall instead of the it being tiled. I wasn't to thrilled seeing such a bright white carpet, but that is just my preference, I tend to like a darker shaded color of carpet due to foot traffic and staining. Would rather see hardwood flooring or tiling be done in major walking areas.

After seeing the home, I was told about the warranty witch is a 1 year mechanical and 10 year structural. in other words, All the plumbing, door fitting, electrical functions are covered for one year. Foundation, framing, roofing, brick work and foundation cracking and such are covered for 10 years.

Once my questions were answered and seeing the home, I gave them the 500 dollar gratuity to lock in the sale price of the home, no matter how long it takes me to get my credit score to 640 or if the price of homes begins to rise in the area, my 500 dollar gratuity locks the price quoted to me in place, they can not work their way out of the deal unless they buy the gratuity back.

All in all, I thought the experience was professional and informative.

Would I recommend others looking for a home to talk to LGI?

My answer would be, It depends on what you are looking for, If you are looking for a home to stay in for longer than 5 years, I would recommend them, but if you are wanting to flip a house or buy one to resale in a few years, I would not recommend it.

These homes are made to sell to those who want to stay in for a long period of time, they are not built for short term investment, or in other words, house flippers and home hoppers will not make much money in these homes due to the development of new homes being built in the area.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes House Construction.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Hi There,

I have a quick question. So when you put your $500.00 down for your home. Was that added to your home?


What was the minimum score you can have


here is a update you might want to see!!

After writing the comment about LGI Homes, some new light has been shed on the subject.

When I signed the agreements and took ownership of the home. I looked over everything with a "fine tooth comb,"so to speak" and found very little wrong, what I did find wrong was so small that it didn't really matter, like one of the trim peaces that was used had a small wood splinter and wasn't very noticeable after they painted over the splintered trim.

One of the fence slats came loose after a wind storm, but they fixed it, A water leak developed at the water supply line behind the refrigerator but they responded in repairing it very quickly, everything that has been an issue has been handled very well.


If you are thinking about purchasing a LGI home make SURE the mortgage company does their JOB!!!!

After living here for a year, the mortgage company has issued me a repayment bill for over due escrow account. The escrow is for your property taxes, insurance and such. What happen to me is they did Not take into account that my property taxes would go up after I moved in, then when the tax assessor of Denton County decided to increase the taxes due to there being a new house built on the land, I was hit with a 4000 dollar increase in escrow to pay on property taxes, the mortgage co.

was charging me for the land that the house was built on, so instead of me paying a 823.00 mortgage payment, now I am dealing with a 1405.00 a month. This includes the taxes owed last year and this years. I am attempting to modify the note so I can afford to keep the home, but still not sure how it is going to come out. So what ever you do,,, MAKE SURE THE MORTGAGE CO.


Do Not take anything for granted, Find out from the county Tax office how much you will be paying per year on a new home at the location you are thinking about buying,no matter if it is a LGI home or other builder. that way you can avoid all the *** I am dealing with.


so, how did the financing go??Did you have to jump through a bunch of hoops??We paid our $500 Earnest money this week and they have cashed the check, we go see their banker on Monday


We bought a home 3 yrs in creekside in Spring Tx The house was 150 thousand and now we are finding they we have mole growning, we are in our 70 th and I have health problem that LGI know about when the saleman took us to look, as he came and got took us to the hose and then we sign to buy it no down payment was asked and we did not have credit, but husband was a vet.so we got the house, wall plug has wind coming, no back yd and no back porch, just a peice of cement. now we are going to the TX state to get them to stop LGI from riping of people whom has small credit, THEY CAN NOT FIX YOUR CREDIT, Only you can do that,

Please will people get smart and do some cheching, wish we had, ALL the home are track homes, check and see what that mean, junk homes :( :eek :zzz

@Litttle old Lady

Geez, at 70 plus years of age, this is the best you can do communicating with words? I can barely decipher what you are trying to say at all.

All of the complaints you have made simply point back to your own ignorance, and do not reflect at all on LGI. Geez, and you are in your 70's?

Take responsibility for your own actions. No one took advantage of you -- but it seems you are trying to pull pity strings to get free stuff.


Don't pick on an old lady. Tell me where you are so we can chat.


My thoughts exactly


Anonymous, you obviously work or are being paid by LGI!

Their ignorance was not checking out LGI on forums like this to see that LGI is a low quality overpriced builders that rips off customers!