Houston, Texas

I recieved a flyer from this company and decided to call and reserve a meeting to see a model home. The guy James was pleasant and reserved a meeting with us.

Well when we get there the place is full there is 1 model home and never spoke to James , we spoke with an elder gent named Larry. He asks us what we want in a home and instead of giving us a tour of the model home that was built more like an office , he wanted our Social security information immediately. We were reluctant to give it to him because we didn't even know if we liked the houses yet. I particularly didn't like that it was in a 73% graduating ISD.

( not very good schools) . When I wanted to see other models he didn't have any. So we decided we didn't like the tactics they were using for us to buy our first new home. So we left and when were exiting the neighborhood we looked at the stop sign and someone had *** up the sign with a shotgun.

Lol I seriously should have noticed that this company bought this land for 400k and selling 173 houses on it for 120k minimum.

The school district is terrible , the crime is high and not a good place to raise a family.

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Where is the the community with 73% graduating district


Could you tell me which community it was in?


Hall park, Houston tx

I totally just went there