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My girlfriend and I recently visited LGI Homes in Brooksville, Florida. Be very aware dealing wit these folks.

This was the first home builder we visited; at first I was impressed. They did an hour long show on the company and six core values they operate based on. I must say that the core values is B.S. as they do not want to work with anyone, if you fir into this box then you are ok.

If you try to negotiate anything they refuse to try and negotiate. Their homes are appraising close to the asking price; so I asked if they would be willing to lower the contract price closer to what the home would appraise for, the sales associate said “no”, she did not even ask her manager or anything. After LGI homes we visited six other home builders.

I must say every one of the other home builders sis not put on an hour long show about their company and every one of the other home builders were willing to make deals to try their very best to get us into a home. If you are looking at LGI I urge you to look at other home builders in the area.

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I was at sherman hills the month of July 2015. I was afforded the opportunity to enjoy the entertainment of Mr.

Christian Lemere's rehearsched BS that all that come to LGI to buy a house. I was given a sign that said ""SOLD"" before the contract was approved and never given a move in date but yet he gave me the ok of 3 SEP 2015. that was 24 July of nly 10 days of doing paper work( normally take 30 days) for a contract to be finilized.

after 5 days he said i did not buy the house and he cancelled the in house contracr wow what power that a sales consulant has!!!!

I sent Email to Orlando for clarification and as of this date they have not answered any of my LEGAL questions that will probably go to court against them. DO NOT DEAL WITH THE CURRENT PEOPLE AT LGI SHERMANHHILLS