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In 2007 my husband and I brought a house in Canyon Crossing for 127,000.00 which we were paying 1215.00 a month for a 3 bdrm 2 ba 1 story home. After wondering why we were paying so much I starting to do some investigating and found out the appaisal of our house through the mortage was at 90,000.00 and the county was 84,000.00.

On top of that I go a hold of the CMAs for 07 and found out that our house was suppose to be sold for 87,000.00.

On top of that other people was entering our yard laying other people's cable lines through our property destroying the landscape. The neighbors don't care but as long as they get their cable.

Monetary Loss: $127.

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PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM LGI, I learn that they also put in sheet rock from China that is bad for health and it smells, after living in creek side village. in this house that it is really decomposing. for really, it is slowing dying, it like you buy and LGI put in junk material in these home oh there not __home the DEAD HOUSES Remember that where ever you are if you thinking of buying from them.




Im taking notes as I read. Thnx for all the help and Info.


Home Appraisal vs. Assessment: What is the Difference?

An appraisal is something you pay for. An assessment is something the government does, whether you want them to or not.

An appraisal typically is ordered by a home buyer’s mortgage company to confirm that the value of a home matches the value on the mortgage application. A bank doesn’t want to give you a home loan that far exceeds the actual value of a house.

Homeowners will sometimes pay for an appraisal if they’ve made improvements to their home. This helps document its new, increased value and makes it easier to qualify for a home equity loan.

The government – usually the city or county in which your home is located – assesses the value of your home to determine how much property tax you’ll pay. Most governmental agencies do assessments every two to four years, but the time span varies from area to area. In some places, you’ll never know your house has been reassessed; government officials base their assessments on property sales records, size, age, condition, location, and other factors. In other parts of the country, you’ll receive a notice in the mail saying the government’s property assessor wants to look inside your home to see if you’ve made any improvements. Every governmental agency offers a window of time in which you can dispute any assessment. Being governments, they rarely make the process easy, but many people have successfully managed to get their assessments, and thus their property taxes lowered.

On the flip side, some homeowners WANT to see an increased assessment to prove their home has more value – either due to an impending sale, plans for a home equity loan, or to protect their investment.

If you think your property has substantially decreased or increased in value, you can request an assessment. But just remember that a higher home value almost always means higher property taxes.


If your house only appraised for 90k then you would not be able to get a mortgage for a house being sold for $127000. You can only get a mortgage for what your house appraises for. As for your county tax appriasal, the less the value the better that way you don't pay higher taxes


Lgi stinks never buy from them. I bought a house less then two years ago for 120k and my foundation is cracked and by back door on the side at the bottom behind my baseboard water is seeping in and has ruined the sheet rock in that area.

We i started to investigate and ask my neighbors they have had the same problem. I am going to have legal actions taken if my house is not fix right and in a timely manner.I am tired of playing with these scam artist that calls themselves lgi homes.


LGI Homes should be liable for all these problems. These guys should be in jail for their horrible homes and zero customer service.


Dear Justice2bserved, I understand what you've been through. I myself bought the same house for $129k and found out that my house is valued and appraised at $87k. I was an *** not to research prior to buying but it's a lesson learned and I hope that future canyon crossing home buyers read our comments and do their research prior to buying.


You are right to do some checking into your paperwork for your house. Builders and realtors I have been told want to make that profit and extra commisson from buyers.

Have you thought about contacting N.A.C.A. They can help. I got a 5 bedroom 2.5 bath house for 952.00 a month with my homeowner insurance and escrow included.

My wife and I never could be any happier. But we didn't buy a LGI, we heard too manny bad things about them through in by our military friends.