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My husband and I had previously inquired about some information online and was reminded when a salesperson left me a message wanting to set up a meeting. We didn't ever end up speaking to anyone over the phone but we did go to the community on a whim to get some information in person. We were still a few months out from wanting to purchase a home but hoped we could at least get a few brochures, pricing, home plans, etc. We show up and are met with one of the sales people who was very friendly but assumed we had already been in before to meet with him. No problem, people make mistakes and he probably met with quite a few people in the last few days. He eventually asks us a few questions on our expectations and everything seemed fine. The minute we told him we were looking to move in a few months and not immediately, he told us to come back the upcoming weekend to speak to someone else at the "Open House" event... We were very offput and left empty handed. After we left the same salesperson called me again wanting to set up an appointment to give us information on the community... we had left no more than an hour before that. He clearly paid no attention to our meeting that day.

So Saturday comes along and we decide to just go ahead and go back for the event.. We sit down, fill out all of the same personal information we filled out the few days before and meet with another salesperson. They were very knowledgeable and made us feel a little better about this process.

Without any sort of warning, we are told to fill out all of our financial information and credit information. We both objected and were told we were not going to see any homes unless they ran our credit report. The salesperson then told us "We don't want to waste anybodies time here." Who says that to a potential client? After having a brief and private talk with my husband we agreed that a house in this area is something we both wanted so we decided to just give it a shot anyway.

Our salesperson came back, shakes our hand, says your approved! Let's go look at your future home! Already confused, she then grabs a for sale sign from the office, we go look at ONE home, and she plants the sign in the front yard. She did not want us to see any other homes because again "they didn't want to waste anyone's time if they didn't think the house was a good match for us." She talks more about mortgage payments and loans, the pricing that she gave us was within our budget and worked out fine. Feeling really rushed and pushed into this we made a bad decision and decided to give them the $1000 earnest money to hold the house. That part is our fault and we know it.

Next up we met with our mortgage lender. Everything went fine, we signed all the documents for the home, agreed on pricing and everything. We were officially approved two weeks later under those terms with our closing date two weeks from then. A week later we get another phone call, the house was appraised and the price went down which means our monthly payment would too! GREAT! We resign all of the documents and everything is ready to go. FOUR days from closing we receive yet another phone call from our lender. This time, she "forgot" to tell us that something happened with our loan and the payment was actually going to be almost $300 more a month now and we had until the end of the day to resign paperwork to still close. When I asked why this happened and why it was missed the response I got was "This isn't my fault, I don't make the decisions." We ultimately decided not to move forward because we felt scammed and when we confronted the staff nobody was very professional or certain of what was going on. We spoke to two different people that we worked with throughout the process and were told conflicting answers. They were extremely defensive and pushy after we pulled out of the contract. Multiple phone calls in a row and pointing fingers at everyone else.

Unless you are dead set on buying a home on the spot, don't go through this builder. They do not care about you as a new home owner, they want money and they want it NOW. Once you agree, they will flip the entire script on you. I wish I would have read the reviews before going through this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes Home Buying.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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