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So my wife and i bought this home in May of this year 2015 here in Charlotte NC. For the past few months we have had a lot of rain.

Due to this rain our back door had started to leak and our door casing, and floor molding, have become discolored. Not only that but we have been smelling mold in the carpet. We put in our service calls over 3 weeks ago, and still no repairs just reschedules. Not to mention all three of my neighbors on this block are having the same issues and no repairs as well.

The latest that I have heard is that they are so busy with the builds that they are behind. Is that something that I as a home owner whom is already living in their house care about? I think not i think I should be first priority over a new build.

As a first time home owner I can safely say that this has been a bad experience and will not recommend an lgi home to anyone that i know or is looking for a new home. The whole buying process was a breeze but up until now this is a disaster having to wait and wait now going on weeks with no repairs, and no response from the builder Thomas whom no one seems to have his phone number.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

LGI Homes Cons: Disgusted, Poor service.

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Was there a lot that you and your wife had to do to buy in Kingstree?


I'm sorry for your experience, but, I'm just curious which community is your home located in? My wife and I are closing in Kingstree.


this issue is not that big a deal and the weather is really the only thing to blame. Fixing it yourself at the most could cost you 15$ and take less time then sitting here complaining.


It should not matter how big or small a homeowner concern is someone should return a call or stop by in a timely matter. If i just bought a new home in less than a year would not want NOTHING going wrong.

The person did state it wasnt a former comaint but the attention to. Concerns is a bother, customer service can make or break a deal.


You must work for LGI because you’re taking up for them like you do. If they built it properly then they would not be experiencing these problems.