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I had an out of state buyer come down 2.5 months ago who ended up not qualifying for the home that she was trying to buy. However, she only needed two pay stubs from work because she had been on leave.

That would have alleviated the matter. I had to leave out of town at the time, and I trusted that LGI would take good care of her. However, Naim, the onsite Agent wrote an offer with my client, didn't include me in it. This is very unethical.

My buyer informed me that my name wasn't mentioned anywhere in the contract! Naim tried to cut me out of the transaction. I did what he asked. I sent over my registration form with my name on it.

I spoke with him before hand so he knew my situation. Fast forward to now? Well, she is back in town and wrote another offer with me on a property. She was well qualified to buy.

They lost a customer. They also lost a Broker Partner. They refused to return my buyer's earnest money back and she had to actually fly back in to get it. So she shows up in person to get it.

Now all of sudden, they are soooo apologetic after I was hung up on and disrespected by the office Manager Rachel several times. I wouldn't send a dog to this place! I now understand why I see so many negative reviews! They need to get themselves together, not only for them, but for the general public and other Agents and Brokers who the are supposed to be cooperating with.

This is the 2nd negative encounter with the company. So I am going to have to stop dealing with them. I can't send my customers any place where I can't even be respected and the customers are completely walked on! My buyer shouldn't have to fly in from California just to get her earnest money back!

This is a terrible company to deal with!

Stay away from them. You will not have a positive experience working with them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

LGI Homes Cons: Attitude of the staff members was very unprofessional.

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