Houston, Texas

I went to an appointment with LGI HOMES. I waited a short while before anyone came to talk to me.

The person I had the appointment with was busy, so they gave me to someone else. I was in he office a total of 2 hours and I never got to see even a floor plan of the house he was trying to sell me. They ran my credit report (***) without me even knowing what I was supposed to be applying for. How in the world can you buy a HOUSE without seeing it up front.

I am so upset that they did all of this and then send me home telling me that I needed to pay a couple of credit cards off. He then insisted that I tell him how long it would take me to do it. Could I do it in a week because time was of the essence. They apparently sell houses quickly.

I don't understand how, because I was 1 of 5 families trying to get information at there that day. I can say that 3 were turned away (as I was) and I am not sure what happened to the other. The tables are so close to each other that you can hear everything that is being said.

You know who much people make and what they do for a living..... No privacy.

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I went back to look at the neighborhoods in the afternoon it was ghetto full of kids and teenagers.there was no privacy anywhere no peace of mind for senior citizens anywhere you just buying a roof over your head basically.but what do you expect if your credit score can be 5.80 you get what you pay for.


if you do buy this home you need to make sure you assist the people that are building your house and you need to know every function in every material that they put in your house so that you can know that you're getting the real deal I think this is fair since they won't show you a developed home while trying to sell one.