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In the spring of 2002 started receiving post cards from LGI Ranch homes in lone star ranch. Beginning Nov 2002 we were just moved in and received our state property and homeowners tax info telling us congrats on our new home and there taxing us on our purchase price but told us our home wasn’t worth half of the purchase price! Our new president for the homeowners association(Lisa) at our 1st meeting said she will see what can be done because I brought up at the meeting asking all the other homeowners if they received similar notification on there home/property tax. Within a few months Bill Piper (of Boyd, Munoz, Piper) Filed a lawsuit Against Eric Liar and his Business of LGI, Emerson Manufacturing, A title Company (for closing of said homes) National City Mortgage(financing of said homes) as well as his own inspector for walk throughs, etc, etc. First case was filed 2003 at the Montgomery court house in Conroe by the same judge that handled the firestone issue. So many home owners showed up in May 2003 that the court sent most of the home owners across the street to a movie theatre with TV screens, cameras, and microphones to see and communicate back and forth. I’m in Lonestar Ranch and to this very day I'm Still trying to settle that suit but my attorney had more than a thousand clients (from at least 3 Sub-divisions) Ignored me and my wife and been abandoned our attorney (Bill Piper is supposedly in Estonia Russia (told to me by his former partner Mr. Boyd) We've been in some kind of legal limbo for over 11 years! CAN'T SELL. CAN'T REDUCE OUR INTEREST RATE!!!! Here we are in a home falling apart, hurricane damage(IKE),Called on our FHA for our 10 year warranty and were told repeatedly we never had an FHA warranty(Thank God we kept all our closing documents/paperwork)!Me and my wife are disabled and I'm chronically ill and I can't even sale our home. Through the years I went to the District Attorneys office and they won’t even tell me what happened to my attorney and legally didn’t do anything! AND HERE WE ARE JAN. 2014 and LGI is STILL GETTING AWAY WITH IT. If you don't believe me just check court files on years 2003, 2004/or news stories like the Conroe Courier and others on this whole mess. When are the County and State, TREC, FTC, TMHA, Secretary of State, Dist. Attorney office, the Judge, and others going to recognize our homeowners rights...Local-State-and Federal as well as all of you out there who bought Homes from LGI past and PRESENT. OH ONE LAST THING............Me and my wife as well as a good hand full of others are still in the Montgomery County Court trial system as told to me near last summer by a county clerk of the same Court House (She said me and my wife were on the top of the list) But never been contacted....What do we Doooo!!!! Help...etc, etc, etc, etc!!!!

P.S. What happened to our legal rights?


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Gee thought everyone knew your tax appraisal is not the selling value of a home. Thats why no one wants to get invovled with you.

An appraisal was done for your lender and it had to be at least the selling price.


No. we were lied to.

No appraisal done and why don't you research the 400+ other plaintiffs.

12 others are in same situation since 2004. All state regulations were blocked as all involved in home sale were fraudulent criminals who are free to continue their deceit.


Location is Conroe, TX not Fort Worth, TX as site is indicating where real estate loss and civil rights occurred.