So we gave all our specifics about the house we were looking to build and our price range $900-$1100 a month. Then Mr.Justin ask us to fill out a credit check app, which we did and then he came back and said that we do not qualify.

Then he asked if I had another person that would co sign and I called my mom and she did and everything went smoothly. Then Mr. Justin came and and started making up all these numbers about not qualifying for the 0 down program that they offer, and then after being there 3-4 hours I asked well what is the total cost of the house and he said $195,000. I asked ok but how much are the payments and he said $1800.

I said this is a complete waste of time, why would you ask for all the spec and max that you can afford. Then turn around and put you in a $1800 payment that you cannont afford.

LGI is a total rip off and pretends to care about First time home buyer. A complete waste of time.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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You complaining because you were not approved for a 0 down? wtf is wrong with you people?


Did you get the house?