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I have been reading these comments all morning and EVERY TIME anyone has a misfortune with LGI, this "Anonymous" person pops up and tells them the same script: It's your fault....Did you research before signing on the dotted line....You're ignorant....etc. Clearly this is someone who works for the company; I find it hard to believe that a random reader would respond so bitterly.

I'm also inclined to believe that the "Happy Home Buyers" who post here are ALSO people who work for this company - otherwise, what's the point of even checking out this site? If you are happy with your purchase, why are you checking out if you aren't pissed?

My friend just checked out LGI and she was very excited about the things they were telling her. She is also someone who is desperate to buy her first home. Her story has begun like many of the stories I've read here: They asked for her and her husbands info before even allowing them to see a home, they were approved for a brand new 4 bedroom home, but first they will need to give $1000 to pull the house off the market, yada, yada, yada.

I was immediately skeptical because I KNOW their credit history personally and the fact that ANYONE would approve them with such ease was beyond my understanding, so I am doing "My due diligence" and "researching" (as Mr./Mrs. Anonymous, likes to suggest), and I am convinced I have found the issue.

As someone who researches ALL COMPANIES I'm involved with (including home builders, since my husband and I own a construction company and several properties), I conclude that any builder which doesn't allow you to walk through a model home before talking paperwork definitely has something to hide, even if that's not the case in every story. We have walked several builders over the years and have never experienced this.

However, rather than just assume this is the case, we are up for the challenge. We are making an appointment first hand to see what OUR experience will be...Shouldn't have any issues since our credit is in good standing, debt to income is superb, and we have had properties already financed with top lenders, right Anonymous?

Guess we'll see...

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Skeptical .

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More times than not, a realtor will have run your credit before showing you property to ensure you can write an offer and afford the home you are searching for. LGI skips that process for a reason.

For the quality of the home, the prices are inflated. Look at the "Upgrades" one by one. Its cheap ceramic tile.

The landscaping was set on a 400.00 budget, and the cabinets are basic, but with a dark finish. When the market changes, there will be no equity in the quality of homes they build.


How was it, I have to meet wit them Saturday


I am an employee and we do things differently from every other homebuilder out there. Yes, in most cases we do pull credit before you see a house.

Reason being, we will NEVER show you a home that we cannot get you qualified for. Also, our homes aren't senic walking trails and we aren't volunteer tour guides. What's the point of coming out to our community and walking through 10 homes of you don't qualify? When you sit down with a New Home Consultant they will go through the 6 step process with you.

We clearly state step 2 is to review mortgage qualifications, and assess income and bills, step 3 is to pick out your new home. If you prefer not to have your credit pulled, speak up, we can do a preliminary review without pulling credit.

The consultant will still ask you to fill out the form not including birthdate and social and not to sign and date it.

As far people who've had an experience where they couldn't get financing, that's truly never our intention. Depending on how thoroughly the qualification form is filled out and how skilled the consultant is there are some red flags however, every situation is different and every loan officers skill is different.

I've personally had a customer close that had multiple jobs (17) in 24 months. Every loan officer isn't able to put together a difficult file. Every builder has people they cannot finance for whatever the reason.

To anyone who is looking for a quality home and a loyal company don't count LGI out. For every one pissedofconsumer there are many happy homeowners.

I proudly work for LGI Homes and since Oct 2013 have helped move in over 60 families.

It's a great place to work, definitely different from other builder but don't let someone keep you from finding out on your own.

If you feel like you didn't get exceptional customer service, please let our corporate office know.

We take that very seriously. Have a great day, from America's fast growing homebuilder!


Your corporate office was of NO help


so much for finding out what happened...


For starters, my name is Kevin! I am not this anonymous employee you were speaking of, I just don't want to create an account and get flooded with spam.

My wife and I have an appointment with LGI and after reading all of these different reviews, yours seems to be one of the more intelligent and put together ones.

I was curious how your appointment went before we walk into a trap of some kind.


-Kevin, not an employee :)


Kevin did you purchase a home from LGI homes? I am curious of how it went for you.

My husband and I are in process with them. Everything I have read is bad about LGI.

I just want to go if we should go through this. Very confuse!!!


I just went through the process with them and it was a wonderful experience!! Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable and didn't hide anything from you!!

Move in date for us is May 23, 2017!! So excited!!