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I should have went with my first gut instinct when I mentioned hiring a home inspector and they convinced me not to. Something told me to not use them, but considering the short amount of time I had to move, plus having a baby on the way I jumped into it and hoped for the best. I have only lived in my home for a month and every week since I have moved in I have needed repairs performed.

They try to persuade you on how easy it is to go online and submit a service request for someone to contact you within 24hrs; well that was also a month ago and no one had contacted me. Pretty much I am on a one on one basis with the construction manager to where he is saved under my Favorites on my phone because we communicate so often about the many household fails. In the past month (including today) I have/had the following issues:

1. AC not installed properly (missing a part, so the tech removed it from an unsold home and placed in on mine to fix the issue)

2. Shower door is falling apart (would not close during walk thru, but they "fixed" it only for 3 weeks later, it started falling apart) the door will not close without jerking it and you will feel trapped because it will not want to let you out once you are in it (Current issue)

3. Purchased a brand new Maytag dryer from Home Depot only to find that they couldnt install it because the duct connection in the wall was not properly sealed upon installing it by the builder. Therefore, Home Depot refused to hook up the unit because it could cause a fire hazard. The tech from BMI came out and rigged the duct connection rather than actually fixing the problem which left a burned spot inside my 2 week old dryer and the heat is leaking into the wall. (Current issue still dealing with, suppliers dont like to answer or return calls, unless you ask to speak to a supervisor then they get to business)

4. Had garage door opener installed, but the outlet on the ceiling inside the garage was not properly connected.

5. Could not use the front door of my house for the first 2 weeks because the (AWESOME KEYS) did not work in the front door so they had to send someone out to reset the lock. Garage door does not have a lock on it from the outside, had to leave garage door unlocked in order to enter home since we couldnt use the front door (BIG SECURITY RISK)

6. Garage door (entry to house) was poorly installed and wood started chipping off of it after 2 weeks

7. My mortgage was sold to another lender before I even made the 1st payment on the house :-{ (Hint Hint)

I also didnt realize til after move in that there was no door bell installed, which is like that on all of the LGI homes according to the construction manager.

Material used to build home is cheap. However, had they at least installed and built the home correctly I wouldnt complain as much, but to charge such a high price for a cheap home and not have it built properly is beyond ridiculous!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Me and my brother just purchased a home in Deerbrook LGI homes.. And been reading mostly bad customer service wich i really dont care i can be a *** and play that game. But what really bothers me is the quality of the home so far ive read 6 including some on here..we havent done anything yet..barely in the beginning..should i backdown and look elsewere cause now im not convinced on LGI


You should have a 12 month warranty on the home. There's always gonna be a few defects on new construction no matter what builder it is. That's why there is a warranty and they will fix anything you need.


Can you tell me what Houston area you purchased your LGI home?


Sunrise Meadows in Richmond, Tx


I'm sorry this happened to you. We had the opportunity to purchase before construction so we were able to do a pre-drywall inspection.

Now we are at lock-up stage and will be using the same inspector to do the final walk through and punch list with us.

It seems that all these reviews are based in Texas. We are in Florida and have nothing but a great experience.

Even the sales techniques seem to differ down here than they do in Texas but the process is just about the same.

I hope you have your issues resolved soon!